Thieves’ Honor

Thieves’ Honor is a space opera serial I once wrote for a magazine, but now write for fun.

Air Force Museum c. 2011, KB

Air Force Museum        c. 2011, KB

I’m revising the original material, adding new scenes but cutting whatever didn’t really work, and am posting a couple thousand words at a time. Therefore, the original episodes may not look entirely familiar to readers who remember the story from Ray Gun Revival magazine.

Pardon the mess as I continue to construct this new incarnation of Adventures in Fiction.

UPDATE (October 2, 2015): All episodes have been removed from the site in preparation for the book being published soon. Apologies to anyone still working their way through the episodes extant. The episodes are being re-arranged to better fit a novel format, but the story is essentially unchanged. I hope you read the published version to find out how the story ends. 🙂


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