“We Interrupt This Program…”

25 Feb

“We interrupt this program for an important bulletin.”

In this case, the Kickstarter campaign for the space opera anthology, Raygun Chronicles, compiled and edited by SF author Bryan Thomas Schmidt (see a list of his work here, here, and here). The work of several known science fiction writers will be included, as well as selected stories from Ray Gun Revival magazine.

These are modern science fiction stories with an old-fashioned, “golden age” feel. There’s humor, adventure, space westerns, and more. If the stories were movies, they’d be PG.

This isn’t my usual order of business — posting commercials on the blog — but I used to read Ray Gun Revival, sucked in by the awesome cover art and then the stories. Then, Johne Cook, one of the founders (ahem, Overlords) invited me to write a serial (Thieves’ Honor) for the magazine, and he later asked me to join the editing team. I loved the magazine, now on indefinite hiatus, and became friends with a couple of the Overlords, and through them met Bryan Thomas Schmidt. (Networking by accident, you might say.)

Until Ray Gun, I’d only dabbled at writing science fiction. Then there I was, cranking out new episodes every month or so. Crazy thing is, people liked my work. Another crazy thing, they’d tell me that behind the scenes (e-mail, etcetera), but rarely on the website. (I’m not a great self-promoter, but I’m working on that.)

Bryan invited me to help sort through old RGR stories and choose the best ones to include in the anthology. Turns out, I didn’t work fast enough to keep up with him, and there was an open slot for another author, so he relieved me of any compiling duties and asked me to contribute a story instead. (Was there a repressed sigh of bless-his-heart in that request?)

So, I’m writing a story. Gotta be honest. I’m kinda nervous about that, seeing as none of my short stories have ever been anthologized, and this one is being created from scratch, never before published, to be included among the work of more experienced SF authors.

Set in the universe of Thieves’ Honor, the story features the two lead characters, pilot Fiona Grace (Finney) and Helmer Kristoff, captain of the pirate-freighter, Martina Vega. What would make a freedom-loving pilot stop wandering and settle in for a long, unpredictable run with a crew of outcasts and criminals?

Wanna find out what happens next? So do I! (mwah-ha-ha-ha)

Meantime, you can help the anthology see the light of day by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign.

Contributors to the campaign can receive e-book or paperback copies of the anthology. t-shirts, even a trip to OryCon and dinner with the authors!


Read about the Raygun Chronicles campaign at To Be Read, on Bryan’s site, on the Kickstarter page, or listen to DJ Grandpa’s podcast to hear Bryan talk about the anthology. The project is also sponsored by Every Day Fiction, which publishes fiction (trumpet fanfare) every day.

Ten days left!

The goal is still $5,000 away, and some of the best stuff (such as the trip to OryCon) is still up for grabs. But even a $1 donation helps — and, as a contributor, you’ll have your name printed in the back of the book.

I look forward to seeing you inside the pages.

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