The Lost Sword duology (Dragon’s Rook and Dragon’s Bane) is epic fantasy. Raygun Chronicles and Thieves’ Honor are space opera, a swashbuckling subgenre of science fiction. Dragon’s Rook and Raygun Chronicles are currently available. Dragon’s Bane, Thieves’ Honor, and The Unmakers (urban fantasy) are coming soon.

Dragon's_Rook_Cover_Keanan_Brand_Susan_TrouttDragon’s Rook

ISBN-10: 0692359451
ISBN-13: 978-0692359457

Captain Gaerbith is heir to a secret: the location of a lost sword he cannot touch. Made of etherium, Azrin can be wielded only by the true king.

Kieran the blacksmith remembers nothing before the day when, as a young boy, he was found beside a dead man, a dagger in hand.

Forces are aligning, old prophecies are fulfilling, and in the east a fire glows in Dragon’s Rook.

Dragon’s Rook is epic fantasy at its best.
~Scott M. Sandridge, editor, Hero’s Best Friend: An Anthology of Animal Companions

 A fine writer. An excellent story. An exciting adventure. You’ll love this book!
~Jennifer DiCamillo, author of Four Dead and The Price of Peace

(Describing) Brand’s Dragon’s Rook is very difficult because phrases like “edge of my seat,” “engrossing,” “gripping tale” are all overused. But they apply perfectly. I was sucked into Brand’s world and didn’t want to return to earth!
~L.S. King, author of Deuces Wild: Beginner’s Luck

 (The) characters…of Dragon’s Rook are richly crafted and well-balanced…The female protagonists are particularly well-written…
~Jamie, a reader

 Reading Dragon’s Rook…is like exploring a mysterious cave filled with both wonders and unimaginable perils—you never know what vista the author will reveal, or what danger is hiding when you turn the page. Keanan is a new, epic voice in fantasy, and his mastery of the craft shines through … you don’t want to miss Dragon’s Rook!
~Robert Treskillard, award-winning author of The Merlin Spiral trilogy

The Lost Sword duology, Book 1 — available as an e-book or in paperback from Amazon, Smashwords, CreateSpace, and from these booksellers:
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RaygunChroniclesRaygun Chronicles: Space Opera for a New Age

ISBN-13: 978-0988125766

edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Features various science fiction authors, and includes a short story set in the Thieves’ Honor universe: “Shooting the Devil’s Eye” by Keanan Brand


 ** Coming Soon **

Dragon’s Bane


The epic conclusion of The Lost Sword.


Thieves’ Honor


Originally a serial for Ray Gun Revival magazine and soon to be a novel, this space opera follows the adventures of Captain Helmer Kristoff and the crew of the Martina Vega.


The Unmakers


Urban fantasy featuring a short, white-haired, twenty-something Unmaker named Brygid Trahern and her half-Russian, half-African adopted brother, Yasha, as they aid troubled vampires while eluding not only the murderous undead but also other vampire hunters who want to kill the Unmakers.


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