Saturday, Science Fiction, and Such

09 Mar

So, I didn’t set the alarm, and I still woke early. Dagnabbit!

My new digs are smaller than the sprawling basement that could accommodate all my furniture, including a massive desk and several bookshelves, in addition to my brother’s family’s overflow.

Several framed pieces of artwork and photography still need to be hung on the walls — that’ll be the last project, I think — and bookshelves must be hauled upstairs. There’s little room, however. My printer occupies the window seat. Short boxes are stored under the bed. The bed serves as a desk.

laptop on the bed, 'cause who doesn't use the bed for a desk?   KB, 2013

laptop on the bed, ’cause who doesn’t use the bed for a desk?                               KB, 2013

No complaints, no worries.

Some folks don’t have a home, and I have more than enough.

hand-painted, pottery turtle (doesn't he look curious?)     KB, 2013

hand-painted, pottery turtle (doesn’t he look curious?) KB, 2013

Including this little fellow, a hand-crafted coin bank from Honduras, where I traveled at age fifteen, just for a week in the capital city, Tegucigalpa. Came home with this turtle and a few other friends. At the moment, he huddles near a girly, long-lashed ceramic piggy bank, also hand-painted, from Mexico.

What do they talk about when no one’s listening?

I took these photos in low light, just using the glow of the small lamp behind the turtle, and whatever morning sun came through the blinds. I shoot on a Canon EOS Rebel, and have only two lenses: the mid-range that came with the camera, and a nice little lens that shoots 1:1 aspect, mainly for indoors and low light. However, these shots would have been sharper / cleaner had settings been correct and the tripod handy (it’s in the car, awaiting field trips).

Rather than photography and blog posts and answering e-mail, I should be bringing up those aforementioned bookshelves out of the garage, and then posting this weekend’s episode of Thieves’ Honor, the space opera serial still in production despite no longer having a magazine home.

We’re up to Episode 32 (or the sixth episode of Season 2, however one prefers to refer to it), and I need to go back and add in a deleted scene that was omitted from the original publication due to word count constraints. The story makes better sense with that scene; therefore its return.

And that, my friends, is why I most often prefer the director’s cut of a film to the theatrical cut. Only rarely have I ever preferred the pared-down version.

On the other hand, I do like brevity in my writing. The books may sprawl, but they’d better never be boring. Get to the point, and keep the story moving.

KB, 2013

KB, 2013

The turtle and the pig agree.





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