Brain. Needs. Food.

12 Apr
DF & AS (c2013, KB

DF & AS (c2013, KB)

This week, I navigated the mean streets of a new city to meet friends for lunch. By “mean”, I’m saying they’re potholed and narrow and crowded with businesses so close together sometimes that the sign of one establishment appears to be advertising its neighbor.

Which is how I missed the restaurant.

And why I saw more of the city than I intended.

Not a bad thing, but there was rain, traffic, too many lanes, hard-to-read numbers, no place to turn around and get back into the flow of traffic, that sorta stuff. Still, not a bad thing. But it meant time with old friends was too short.

I’m jonesing for writerly conversation.

Aaaauuuugggghhhh. (zombie walk)

Brain. Needs. Food. Must. Find. Writers.


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