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Wine and Dreams

April is here, spring is — well — raining, and it’s time once more for National Poetry Month.

I’ve shared this poem before, a year or two ago during April, but it was written a few years before that. It still describes me: reaching out, almost grasping, chasing elusive words and dreams.

via Wikipedia

via Wikipedia


What I want
I cannot have,
and most days I understand.
Today I tried
to take it–
or something almost like it–
but found myself
more empty
than before, and hungrier.

No substitute–
small, pale, cold–
ever embodies a dream
robust with life,
sweet and strong,
ruddy and just out of reach,
ready to fall
to waiting
hands working with patient care.

From my fingers,
fisted tight,
bleed clear juices of crushed dreams
too young to satisfy hope.

c. 2006, KB

As a friend wrote in e-mail today, “I remember writing this bit in a whirl of passion and excitement. It fell right out of my fingertips onto the screen. Where’d /that/ guy go? Why doesn’t writing come that easily to me anymore?”

I’m there. Everything I write lately is a struggle. It’s dull. It begins, and then I run out of words, and it remains unfinished.

Still, I get up, I turn on the computer or open a spiral notebook, and I write. One day, all those words, fermented together in the vast barrels of computer bytes and copious handwritten pages, will make a fine wine well worth imbibing.


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