Humor Turns the Day Around

07 May

At work last week, my team was so shorthanded that people from other areas of the store were pulled to the back to help unload the truck. Three of them were former members of my team, and those of us who remembered them were pleased to be working with them again.

Old friends and excellent workers, a couple of young guys debated video and online games while they pulled their freight from the line and stacked it on pallets.

Another youngster had removed his work vest and shirt and toiled in his undershirt. His sister’s cat had shed all over him, and he didn’t have his allergy medication. Drippy nose and watery eyes were nigh getting the best of him.

Gamer #1: “Cats are evil.”
Gamer #2: “I — have a cat.”
Gamer #1: “So? Cats are still evil!”
Me, nodding to the allergy-stricken youth: “Just ask John.”
Gamer #1: “See? Cats are of the devil.”
Gamer #2, with a wicked grin: “Have you met our lord and savior, Meowsus?”

Laughter erupted, so loud and long that guys on either ends of the line wanted to know what was so funny.

Humor can turn one of the rough days into one of the best days.

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