Of red satin bathing suits and turquoise eyes….

19 Jun

Ever wondered about the roads not taken? About the unexpected forks in the road and what life might have been like if you had stayed on the main path?

Click the link to read the story of one woman who took the unexpected road, and saw the results of the one she originally traveled. Excellent reminder that, even though our prior decisions may not be wise, we can still find our way.

See, there's this thing called biology...

Work has been busy the past few days. Sitting in the doctor’s office the other day, I was privileged to chat with yet another women recently widowed, who needed someone to talk to about the miracle of love, a love she lost just 8 months ago.

The awe and wonder in her voice is something I share, feeling a bit bedazzled by the miracle of love, the synchronicity of events that must line up to make that happen. Grieving the loss yes, but also pouring over those memories and wondering how in the world she ever got so lucky. So many women have such a great need to try to explain what happened to them, to tell me who and what this man they married was all about, to pay tribute to their lost loves and to the miracle of it all.

She told me a lovely tale of having…

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