A Note Scribbled in the Dark

18 May

IMG_6453^edited croppedI woke in morning darkness on Sunday, a break in the long hours of sleep my body demanded as it succumbed to fatigue and fought off illness, and tried to return to rest by reading, by watching a DVD, and then by contemplating a story in progress.

Just as I was dropping off to sleep once more, a Dr.-Phil-like thought sprang to mind and I scribbled it in the open notebook beside the bed. (Of course, my handwriting required a bit of translation before it could be transcribed.)

People can change. They can also surprise.

But people will, for the most part, tell you who they are. Our surprise comes when we expect them to be different, yet they act or speak in accordance with who they’ve always been.

And that sums up much of my opinion of politicians, past relationships, and people who want me to tiptoe around them lest I offend.


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