Free Book, Anyone?

03 Apr
Free Book, Anyone?

I have three proof copies of Dragon’s Rook that I will be happy to give away in exchange for honest reviews.

If you are interested, please leave a comment below, or send a private message with your mailing address, and I will pick three names to be announced Friday, April 10.

[Note: Proofs and/or galleys contain proofing errors, artwork errors, or textual errors, and may contain text that is not in the final printing. Proofs are bound, covered paperback versions of pre-publication books.]

Dragon’s Rook is the first half of an epic fantasy duology (two-book series), and will soon be available for sale in paperback.

Back cover synopsis:

Captain Gaerbith is heir to a secret: the location of a lost sword he cannot touch. In a village far from the battlefield, Kieran the blacksmith remembers nothing before the day when he was found as a young boy, dagger in hand, standing beside a dead man.

Maggie is a healer’s apprentice, and earns her way as a laundress. Her shadowed past and crippled hand make her an object of suspicion and ridicule. Far to the north, Lady Yanámari plots to escape the royal city and her father’s iron control.

King Morfran seeks a smith who can recreate Azrin, the lost sword, as false proof of Morfran’s right to the throne. However, the true sword is made of etherium, the only metal capable of harming Dragons.

Forces are aligning, old prophecies are fulfilling, and in the east a fire glows in Dragon’s Rook.


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