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Tunnel Vision, Playing Hooky, and a Cool Review

Tunnel Vision, Playing Hooky, and a Cool Review

It’s almost three weeks into the new year, and I keep telling myself to
1) create a blogging schedule, and
2) stick to it.

Yeah. That’s working well.

Anybody else get tunnel vision when you’re working on a particular project, and the rest of the world might as well not exist?

That’s me.

I’ve been formatting Dragon’s Rook for e-book, and now paperback, and have only to finish the proofing before the print book will be available. However, the Kindle and Nook version go on sale January 26.

Despite the tight schedule, rather than working Saturday, I took the day off and was an absolute slug. No shower. No exercise. Minimal chores. Mostly I played computer games and watched episodes of various Korean television shows.

I felt like a teenager playing hooky from school.

Well, I did apply to be a proofreader for a publishing company, but that was quick and painless.

And Robert Treskillard, award-winning author of The Merlin Spiral trilogy, sent his endorsement of Dragon’s Rook:

Reading Dragon’s Rook by Keanan Brand is like exploring a mysterious cave filled with both wonders and unimaginable perils—you never know what vista the author will reveal, or what danger is hiding when you turn the page. Keanan is a new, epic voice in fantasy, and his mastery of the craft shines through … you don’t want to miss Dragon’s Rook!

How cool is that?

More reviews can be read at the website, including comments from a reader who liked the female characters. There’s also a bio and a list of books, including projects that are in the works.


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