28 Dec

Someone says Y, so he must be Z.
Another person believes A, so she must be B.
Someone else reads W, so he must be X.
Yet another person listens to C, and therefore must be D.

Sometimes, knowing certain details about others can be quite revealing, perhaps more than those people intend. However, when we use only those particular details to build entire profiles and think we know people as a result, we delude ourselves. We live in prejudiced assumptions and narrow-minded ignorance.

People are so multi-dimensional that sometimes we don’t even know ourselves. We hold contradictory thoughts or beliefs. We say one thing and do another. We ride motorcycles but prefer classical music. We appear to be so outgoing that we’d be the life of the party but what we really prefer is a quite cuppa and silence. We speak little, but — dude! — can we dance.

The speaker in this morning’s service said something so simple that it was profound: “Relationship is found in conversation.”

So, talk to someone. Ask questions. Listen.

Put aside hair-trigger or knee-jerk responses and listen. After all, this isn’t about you.

You may not agree with that person, but you will learn.

And, in the process, you might gain a friend.

Young Love copyright Keanan Brand

Young Love
copyright Keanan Brand

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