One Step, Then Another

14 Nov

(re-posted from Facebook)

Very few achievements in my life have happened at lightning speed. Most are the result of the slow plod of perseverance and learning.

art & design c2014, Suzan Troutt; background photo c2014, Keanan Brand

art & design c2014, Suzan Troutt; background photo c2014, Keanan Brand

This has, at times, made me impatient, even angry. Why must I slog through molasses while others around me sprint like the wind? Why do awards and acknowledgements of my abilities not translate into more steps on the journey? Why do the accolades gather dust while the real goal remains yet to be achieved?

Writing had been the longest plod. Some might ask why I persist in the face of continued disappointment. Good question.

There have been moments of light, those awards, those acknowledgements, those times when someone points to his or her own work and says, “You helped me do that.”

And even when there are no thanks spoken, there is the knowledge inside that I helped make someone’s book better.

As some of you know, Dragon’s Rook has experienced delay after delay. Just when I think the book is ready to go live, something happens to kink the works.

To everything, there is a time and a season. This book WILL happen.


Join me, if you’d like, on Facebook. My posts there are shorter, of course, but a bit more frequent than they are here. I’m hoping to have good news soon regarding the availability of Dragon’s Rook, the first half of The Lost Sword duology.


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