The Warden and the Wolf King

21 Jul

Where should most stories begin?
At the beginning, of course.
Unless they begin at the end.
And that’s where I joined the excellent Wingfeather Saga — at the end.

The Warden and the Wolf King is the fourth and final book in singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson‘s richly-illustrated and fast-moving fantasy series.However, had I not known there were three other books, were those books beyond my reach, I would still think this book a rewarding, fun adventure. I was never lost, never bored, and laughed much.

Today — Monday, July 21 — is my birthday, and there have been activities and family matters since Friday, so this CSFF Blog Tour sneaked up on me. I’ll return tomorrow with something substantial to say. Meanwhile, please visit the other stops on the blog tour to read other reviews of The Wingfeather Saga, a delight for all ages:

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