Saying No to Say Yes

09 Jul

Keanan Brand is — thinking.

“Nooooo! He’s thinking! Run! Run for your lives!”

No, really. I’ve been thinking. I’ve been considering how to approach the next season of life. How to reach literary goals.

We writers can live narrow, enclosed lives, sometimes forgetting there’s a big world out there, outside our novels and our minds. It’s a peculiar irony that narrowing aspects of that world will actually expand others.

the warden and the wolf king_thumbYesterday, I heard old but good advice from a fellow writer. She said that, in order for a bigger goal to be reached, smaller things, even good things, must fall away. We must practice “intentional neglect”.

In other words, sometimes we must say no even to the good things in order to say yes to something better.

To that end, I’m paring down, and that may include changing up the blog a bit. I’m not sure yet.

One certainty: I’m turning down book review requests lately, not because I’m lazy or don’t like the authors or am not interested in helping them succeed. My read-for-review list of books has been stagnant since May or early June, but if your book is on it, I will review it.


SE_thumb“The Warden and the Wolf King” by Andrew Peterson has jumped the queue because it’s the July entry in the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour. Otherwise, the next in line is Sword’s Edge by L. S. King.

Meantime, I’m educating myself in the various aspects of independent publishing. As an independent author, my responsibility extends beyond just putting words on paper. As an editor, my knowledge must expand beyond that of an editor for a traditional publisher. The entire publishing process, not just the steps of authoring or editing, is on my shoulders.  

Added to that education, I am also in the midst of revising or writing a handful of novels. And then there’s life in the real world.

Something’s gotta give. 


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