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Characters in “A Draw of Kings”

51aSxlenOkL._SY346_-1It’s Day 2 in the March session of the CSFF Blog Tour, and I’m late posting about the featured novel: A Draw of Kings, final book in The Sword and the Staff series by Patrick W. Carr.

Due to a debilitating migraine that started yesterday — and due to poor planning, because I expected to be able to post each day of the tour — I’m not much good as a reviewer today. I’d planned on discussing the characters in this epic adventure fantasy, but other bloggers have done so, and done a better job than I’m able at the moment.

Shane Werlinger writes about Errol, the Rus, Adora, and the Morgols.

While not necessarily writing about the characters, Meagan didn’t see the end coming, and was pleasantly surprised.

Shannon McNear thinks Errol’s faith journey was authentic. (I like non-preachy faith stuff.)

Shannon McDermott wishes the characters were not quite so “rah-rah Errol” (my phrase) because they are weaker because of it. (Even if I don’t agree with what the characters think, say, or do, I appreciate when they are true to themselves, when they behave like real people.)

And there I need to stop. Too much reading and typing and looking at the screen. Here’s hopin’ tomorrow brings a clearer head and better blogging. Meantime, I recommend The Sword and the Staff series for adult and teen readers looking for a well-written adventure fantasy. Click here or on the cover image to read an excerpt from the novel.


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