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One Realm Beyond — Again


Yesterday, I missed the second day of the CSFF Blog Tour —  my fault — but worked for filthy lucre instead. (Hey, life, y’know!)

This month’s tour features Donita K. Paul‘s new fantasy novel, One Realm Beyond, first in the Realm Walkers series.

Truth: I’ve been recommending Paul’s books to young people for a few years now, and have heard good things from those readers, but until now haven’t myself read more than a few passages here-and-there. Should have read a complete book earlier.

This one is full of humor and appealing characters, journeys and talking dragons, a jailbreak (of a kind), pencil practice and archery, and Bridger the dragon’s various forms. (He remains my favorite character in the story.)

There is also peril and friendship, and the book ends in a place of loss and hope. I look forward to reading the rest of our young realm walkers’ adventures.

I recommend One Realm Beyond, especially to teen or middle-grade readers. The book is not necessarily aimed at a middle-grade audience, but I read all sorts of things when I was a child, without taking int account the age I was supposed to be in order to read particular books. As a student in a writing course in my twenties, I was told that the age of the main characters in children’s stories determines the age group of the target audience, because readers like to see themselves as the heroes.

Eh. I understand what the instructors were saying, but, well, how many times have I, as a grownup, read children’s stories? Granted, I was choosing books to read to my nieces or to the children I worked with at the youth center, but the point is this: I chose them, I read them, I enjoyed them.

And how many times did the elementary school or junior high me read stories intended for grownups?  I devoured classics and mysteries, fantasy and science fiction, Shakespeare and similar literature in my youth. If it appealed to me, it was read, without much (if any) thought to how old the characters were.

So read on, I say!

And thank you, Donita K. Paul, for your excellent work.

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And now for the legal language: In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

 **     **     **

Note to self: Write faster.

Otherwise, ideas are written about by others.

We know there are no new stories in the world, just different ways of telling them. Authors I’ve never met, whose stories are entirely new to me, have employed ideas similar to mine. Not, perhaps, in quite the same way as I do, but similar enough to make me mark them.

I won’t point out a similarity in One Realm Beyond. That would serve no purpose. A couple other books that share ideas I jotted down many years before those books were published: Merlin’s Blade by Robert Treskillard, and Eragon by Christopher Paolini. Again, I’m not going to list the similarities. They simply spur me on to get the darn book published before I stumble upon other ideas and folks start to think my novel is derivative.


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