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Storm, Again

Storm by Evan Angler, 3rd in the Swipe series

Storm by Evan Angler, 3rd in the Swipe series

Yesterday, the plan was to discuss names and characters in Storm by Evan Angler, the focus of this CSFF Blog Tour. For instance, I chuckle every time I read “IMPS”, the acronym for the International Moderators of Peace, a police-like force, and “Lily Langly” reminds me of an old-time actress — but little people needed attention (“I need FOOD” is an imperative statement), the publisher handed me a last-minute assignment that must be turned around ASAP because another editor dropped the ball, an author needed reassuring over the phone, and Niece #1 needed a chauffeur to a book signing (Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee’s Sovereign tour). We stood in line for two hours, next to a woman who was going to talk to someone and we were it, but the wait was worth the hunger, the headache, and the aching feet. There was even a little romance: Abetted by Mr. Dekker, a young man proposed to his girlfriend, and the crowd applauded.

Today, rather than a discussion of the book’s contents or structure, I’ll end with brief comments about two scenes, one in the middle of the book, and one near the end. The first: Lily being summoned to see Chancellor Cylis in New Rome. As she is led through the palace, she sees famous works of art that have been collected for preservation after the Total War. Among those works is the head of the Statue of Liberty. For me, that image, more than the desolate landscapes and weather mills, solidifies the strange, dark world of the story.

The scene near the end: The moment Lily stands before a silent crowd, tells them she’s innocent of her brother Logan’s blood, and makes them responsible for what happens to him — life or death. Readers familiar with the story of the Crucifixion will recognize Pilate’s words in Lily’s. In the weeks that follow, Logan’s friends and followers despair, thinking him dead, but he is in the bowels of Acheron — also strongly symbolic.

Due to the clean, strong writing, the fast-moving story, and the imaginative take on an End-Times world, I recommend this book, and daresay the rest of the series is equally good.

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