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Storm: First Impressions

Storm by Evan Angler, 3rd in the Swipe series

Storm by Evan Angler, 3rd in the Swipe series

Gotta admit: I wouldn’t have picked up this book if not for the CSFF Blog Tour. It’s young adult futuristic dystopian science fiction (howzabout we try to squeeze a couple more genre descriptors into that list?), and although it has a great cover and interesting premise, I would probably have passed over it for something, well, more interesting.

And I’d have missed out on a good book.

Storm by Evan Angler is the third installment in the Swipe series (Thomas Nelson), but could almost stand alone. The author supplies the necessary information so the reader isn’t lost, but Angler never bogs down the present story with all the backstory. That takes skill.

Just as with the previous blog tour (featuring Merlin’s Blade by Robert Treskillard), the deadline has arrived but I’m still reading the book. However, here are three first impressions:

1) It’s easy to read. The writing is clean, not flowery but straight-forward, and it’s solid. The editor side of me is lulled to sleep by the excellence, in which the reader side of me is happy to indulge. The pace is right: tight, tense even in the “resting” moments, with just enough secrecy here and revelation there, keeping the reader engaged in the action.

2) Scenes move the story forward without bogging the reader in extraneous detail. This is great for snagging and maintaining the interest of impatient or easily-distracted readers. However, the details that are included aren’t vague. The characters seem real, and the settings are easily seen and navigated in one’s imagination. I’ve not yet been pulled back to reality by something that doesn’t fit or isn’t authentic to the story’s world or characters.

3) The story is imaginative. It synthesizes Biblical prophecy with futuristic science fiction in such a way that there is no preaching, only strong storytelling, and even those readers who might be familiar with current politics and world events, trends, fears, and the book of Revelation won’t know what’s coming next.

And though the circumstances may be dark, there is hope.

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