Mangling the Language, or How I Met Kdramas

14 Mar

So, I’m reading along today, and come across “…the Israelites (journeyed) from Egypt to Canada.”

I’m well into the next sentence before I realize something is wrong.


Not Canada.


Geographical error of Biblical proportions amended.

Reminds me of other misreads I’ve had in the past couple years or so. A couple of spam headlines — “Forklift Rentals” and “Affordable Nursing Programs” — merged into “Affordable Nude Forklifts”.

There are clothing-optional forklifts? Who knew?

A misread is also why I’m now a huge fan of kdramas (Korean television shows). I was over on Hulu, and glanced down the page (I don’t know which one), and read, “If you’re not Korean, click here.”


What does my nationality have to do with anything?

Then, of course, I read it again.

“If you’re not Keanan, click here.”

Ah, well, now. That makes more sense.

But it sent me on a search for Korean shows, and that’s how my viewing obsession began.

Anybody else mangle the language, either in speech or in reading mish-mashes?


City Hunter -- fun series

City Hunter — fun series

Below are links to kdrama sites I visit. Many such sites include a variety of entertainment beyond television series (such as movies, anime, music, and more), as well as entertainment from countries other than South Korea.





There are numerous other sites, but the four listed above are the ones I frequent. I like the notion of completed stories, which is what these shows tend to be: a certain number of episodes, and then they’re done. Unlike American shows, which can tend to go too long, with storylines weakening, becoming unwieldy and convoluted, then going screaming off the rails. Not that something similar doesn’t happen in the international dramas, too, but there’s a tendency to have an end in mind from the beginning. As a writer, I can appreciate that.

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