On the Road

02 Mar

I’m on the road with my brother’s family, moving across a few states, headed west. We’re in Illinois, and have a few states to go before mission accomplished.

Due to miscellaneous troubles, including a roof leak in a rental truck, we lost a loading day, and had to make that up with a twenty-four-hour stretch of hauling, packing, re-loading, re-thinking the load configuration, and a final cleaning of the house = showing the floors the vacuum cleaner and mop, and hoping the floors would get the hint and clean themselves.

Sleep deprivation, sore muscles and aching feet, and a constant thirst for water plague us, but we’re in general good spirits. Well, to be more specific, we’re cross-eyed from lack of sleep, and loopy. That state of mind makes everything annoying or everything funny.

We’re in Central Time, now, though, so we’ve gained an hour. Right? đŸ˜‰

No photos to share of our goofy caravan, but that’s a good thing. We’re not presentable.

Off to bed.

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