Spin Me a Yarn

08 Feb

c. 2013, KB

Sit you down, my darlings, while I spin you a tale.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear all the groans out there, and I see all the stuff being thrown at the computer screen. (grin)

I love puns. I love wordplay.

It’s one reason I like Shakespeare. It’s one of the goofy interplays between family members, someone starting the joke and others carrying it until we’ve exhausted all its punniness.

On a more serious note, but not too serious, the spinning wheel here is located inside a room set up as a bedchamber inside an old tavern from the 18th century. It’s a simple place, and not too large. I don’t expect that lodgers had much privacy there, nor diners much room. It’d make a nice-sized house for a person or two.

Sans the nightly crowd of ale-drinkers and gossips.

Just think: If all the spinning wheels had been destroyed, there’d be no tale of Sleeping Beauty.

Come to think on it, that might have been a good thing.

After all, it’s kinda shallow: Girl pricks finger, kingdom falls asleep, prince rides up and kisses what is essentially a corpse, and — all of a sudden — love blooms.

Nope. Not buyin’ it.

What if she’d beat him up for kissing a stranger, and been all warrior princess —

Wait. That’s an idea. (scribble, scribble, scribble)

Meantime, we do have Shrek. Beats Sleeping Beauty any day.

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