Random Shots

20 Jan

These photos were taken five years ago, during afternoons spent puttering around the yard or looking at objects differently. In 2012, I sold the house that belonged to this yard, and the two antique jugs went to collectors.

I’ve taken few photography field trips this past year, but that’s one of my goals for 2013: spend more time being creative in other ways than writing. (In other words, less time in front of the computer, and more time out in the great wide world.) Still, I see stories in photos, and maybe you will, too.

This one is of the junk piled in the neighbor’s yard, behind mine.

In black-and-white, it almost looks like art.

And this one is of a lamp, looking up from the base through to the top of the shade. Kinda funky, avant garde.

A miniature rose from my backyard, this photo is a graceful accident.

I couldn’t get close enough to the ground to see what I was shooting, so I set the camera in the grass, angled the lens, pushed the button, and hoped for the best.

Covered in mud after a rainstorm, these two old jugs were leaning against the house, just beside the French door.

The brown one looks like a whiskey jug, doesn’t it? It’s an old bleach bottle. The clear jug was used for milk deliveries. Remember those? Is there any dairy that still leaves bottles of milk on the porch?

This is a “Surprise Lily,” so called because it seems to pop up overnight — surprise! — and doesn’t stay around for long. They can bloom in spring and then again in fall.

It’s also called a “Naked Lady” because the long, sturdy stems are devoid of leaves.

There was an unexpected row of these that mysteriously showed up in the yard one spring.

This off-center shot is of one of those twisty florescent bulbs that can be used in a standard light socket.

This one was in the ceiling fan in the living room. Looks like an entry corridor to somewhere in a science fiction flick.

See my thumprint on the end?

Here’s the dragon who guarded the Mac. He was sitting on a few pages of the manuscript — typed and handwritten — in which he stars.

A friend gave him to me for Christmas several years back, and he almost perfectly fits the description of one of the nasties in the “epic” I’ve been writing for years, off and on.

Maybe you’ll meet him on the page, someday, whenever I finally type “The End” and send him winging off to the land of published works.

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